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WE CREATE FINTECH SOLUTIONS that enable your business to stay on top.
We are software development team focused on fintech solutions.
product and services
  • Bitcoin solutions for cryptocurrency
    business or add-ons
  • Crowdfunding systems created from scratch
    or for lease
  • Mobile and online payment tools for
    daily operations
Fintech is one of the fastes growing industries in the world STAY TUNED with FinLift

Crowdfunding platform for your Fintech start-up.

We offer a simple, easy modified platform for business, NGOs, or for other interest groups.

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Never Ending Campaigns
  • Project Updates
  • Translation Ready
  • Multilingual
  • One-Click Updates
  • Payment Gateway
  • Offline Payments
  • Administrator add-on
  • Unlimited investor and developer profiles
  • Fixed funding or flexible funding options
  • Particular agreement option for separate projects
  • Loan, equity or bonds option
  • Min-Max investment option


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FinLift creates FinTech business ideas and its technologies, ensures professional consultation and implementation of the projects. Below you will find a list of our services. If you are looking for a specific financial tool, we offer our in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Flexible and extendable

FinTech systems adaptation according to your business needs.

Financial services tools

For banking, asset management, lending, insurance and financial brokerage innovation.

Crowdfunding management system

Which could be leased or created for individual needs.

Mobile payment and CryptoCurrency

Software development from scratch.

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Additional design services

We offer front-end and back-end design as an additional service.

Detailed consultations

Specific law and business consulting related to the FinTech business.

Special Offers for Start-ups.

we are more than open for new challanges in other fintech development areas.
4 Reasons to choose us
Control Your take-off strategy 1
Finlift puts you in control of your growth strategy, allowing you to adapt technological tools to your growth needs. Create, manage, and optimize your opperations across every step of your fintech business or innovative financial solutions you provide to your partners or customers.
We provide tailored fintech solutions 2
To guarantee maximum results for individual needs, Finlift uses modular programing solutions. Modules could be transformed or created from scratch to satisfy most complex requests.
cost efficient
AGILE methodology 3
Fintech business is changing, legal environment creates new challanges. If you have faced the reality – you‘ve already know the price of that change. If You have not yet, we do prevent you from major mistakes and minimise your financial risks.
Leveraging industry best practices for faster services 4
Finlift works with financial development tools. Our integrated understanding of the market allows to create accurate tasks and project timetables. By saving time we kickstart your project faster (and deliver faster) than your competition.
Take the chance
enter one of the fastest growing fintech centers in europe with finlift

Lithuania as a prime European Hub for FinTech
Fast-track licensing program, Friendly regulations for FinTech companies. Great infrastructure, powered by national authorities.

FinLift partner network provides unlimited access for start-up visas and FinTech cards, legal documentation and consulting, deals with business establishment and collaboration with national authorities.
Keep your business promising.
Be faster, smarter and more efficient in your daily operations.
Grow your business using convenient technology and user friendly solutions

Recent Companies joined Lithuania
Our front office
Edgaras Mankus Head of sales
Eimantas Gardauskas Project manager
Jaroslav Petrusevic Head of IT operations
Paulius Astromskis Legal consulting